I am World’s best Writer

Wow this is the confidence, this really is the confidence that I needed for years to write my first non technical (wanna be writer) post. The post that can help me get enrolled in the club of bloggers. What I have been doing on this site for around a year now, is not blogging. At least not according to my limited knowledge. I have tried to help people with the issues that I encountered in my professional career, I have combined a few good solutions into one single post to save everyone’s time. And in return the awesome world of web has given me  6000+ monthly visitors on this site :D (thanks guys).

But I wanted to my ideas to flourish on this blog. I wanted to give my unwanted opinion on everything to a blog which will not ignore me, or at least it won’t let me know that I am being ignored. This was the major goal when I gave a try to blogging in 2009. That was first month of my professional life, and I was very much excited, I wanted to brag about things but I didn’t know where. I wanted to let people know how awesome I am (again the confidence). My friends were fed up of listening to all those tales revolving around me, but I wasn’t. And that was when I realized that WordPress and Blogspot were probably created for guys like me, guys full of themselves. My first post was also a result of all that excitement and lack of an audience.

But it was very soon that I realized how tough is it to write. And for a person who tends to criticize a lot, it was very difficult to write something that I would like. So I dropped the idea of writing and tried to post little solutions which helped me. Even with them I got lazy and haven’t written about many. It was good, the appreciative comments were motivating but all the uncommunicated thoughts and ideas inside my head were taking a lot of space and the process of getting new positive stuff was slowing down. I had to write, I had to brag, I had to criticize, I had to write about everything. But I lacked the proper motivation, that driving force which theoretically can persuade a person to go beyond his imaginations.

I have spent months looking for that motivation, and I think I have found it today. What can be a better motivation than telling myself that I am world’s best writer, even when the world will probably think the opposite but why should I care. This is my own blog, even the domain says my name ! (except the hosting which is provided by a very generous friend :D ).

If anyone anywhere in the world really spent their time reading this, hats off to you Sir/Madam ! And thanks for your time. I shall continue to write, and I shall start reading even more as it is suggested by James Altucher, who has been a real inspiration for me and the second most important reason behind my start to writing (the first obviously is the title of this post).

A PHPMyAdmin alternative with a user friendly interface

Almost all LAMP Developers start their careers with the use of PHPMyAdmin which is a reasonable MySQL client to begin with but I think PHPMyAdmin hasn’t evolved with the same pace as rest of the Web Development techniques have.

MyWebSQL on the other hand is as robust as PHPMyAdmin with a user friendly interface and almost everything a Web 2.0 Application needs. Moreover its open source too, free to use with plenty of support for users from the development team.

I will list down some of the prominent features of MyWebSQL which make it stand out, hoping that this review will help developers find a decent MySQL Web client easily.

  • Speed: MyWebSQL is substantially quicker than PHPMyAdmin. The difference is so noticeable that I had to mention it as the first advantage over PHPMyAdmin. It uses Asynchronous (Ajax) calls for executing the queries which also adds up to the speed.
  • Simplicity & Interactivity: The user interface is very friendly with a decent, minimalist and light design. This also makes it easier for newbies to have a better experience. The buttons and menus are very much like any OS, so there is no learning curve for the user. And I love its right click functionality, being a Windows user I am very much used to the right click functionality when I am unable to find the required operation.
  • Easy to Setup: It is very simple to setup on your hosted or local web server without any additional complex configuration of any sort. All it needs is PHP 5 and MySQL (versions 4 and 5 are both supported). The development team has recently added the support for SQLite as well.
  • Themes & Languages: Though it is a tool to help in web development yet the developers have given multiple themes to select from if the default theme is not comfortable for your eyes. The basic package comes with 6 themes for now, but new themes can be created using jQuery UI base themes.Along with themes, it also comes in 39 different languages to choose from.
    [If you are a developer and can help with translation into any language, you are more than welcome to send a request to the developers on the project website]
  • Blazing fast Query Execution: MyWebSQL uses asynchronous query execution, making the process real quick and there are no waiting times for the page to reload and get the results. Moreover it has a panel at the bottom where you can write your query and see the results in the top panel. Making it look similar to any MySQL client installed on your desktop.
  • Quick Record Editing: This is one of the neatest and unique feature of MyWebSQL. Records editing is really quick and simple, you can edit the records by double clicking on them. No need to browse to another page for editing records. And multiple edits can be saved with a single click, or you can simply generate SQL queries for your editing session and execute them manually after inspection.
  • WYSIWYG Table Editor: The table creator and editor are completely WYSIWYG, so you can create or edit your tables in grid format, and it will generate the right queries for you to create or alter the tables as necessary.
  • Syntax Highlighting:The Query Editor in MyWebSQL gives a very good syntax highlighting making the SQL queries more readable. Unlike the simple text box version in PHPMyAdmin. If you are a developer with basic knowledge of PHP, you can also pick any browser based code editor and integrate it with MyWebSQL easily.
  • Multitasking:Yes, MyWebSQL supports multitasking, no need to open different tabs for seeing results of different queries. You can do all of it in one single tab under different interfaces within MyWebSQL. Tools and utilities available in the interface open up in separate dialogs, so you can multitask easily without losing focus from your queries.
  • Import / Export & Multiple Servers:MyWebSQL supports importing and exporting databases, tables and results to and from different formats. The export has a special feature where you can export large databases without having to worry about the PHP Memory limits, which is an issue with PHPMyAdmin. MyWebSQL also supports connections to multiple Database servers.
  • Customizable Sections: Different sections on the UI can be hidden and shown as per need. This gives the power to see only the sections that are needed. Moreover, next time you open the interface, your settings are preserved!
  • Common Tools: Powerful Tools:Common database management tools like Process Manager, User and Permission Manager, Table checker/optimizer, Database Text Search, Table Index Manager etc. are included in the application.

The above list of impressive features have made MyWebSQL my favorite MySQL client. If you are fed up of your MySQL Client then MyWebSQL is going to be a good choice for you. You can check the Online Demo and decide for yourself. You can also send your feature request and bug reports, as the development team is pretty active in responding to your queries.

1 mistake that 40% of Under Grad Students in Pakistan make

Pakistan has quite a noticeable share of its population as young students and professionals. Everyone in Pakistan is hoping this youth will bring a brighter and better future with them. Which I believe we can, we have done it in the past and we are still doing it. We are producing exceptional talent in almost every field with the minimum possible resources and dedication to groom these jewels.

I think the part above was enough for practicing my below average writing skills, I will get back to the point.

The most common mistake that I have noticed freshly graduated students do is using an improper + non-professional email address for job hunt and other professional activities.

I personally know many students who were not called for an interview just because of their email addresses. Come on guys, how much time does it take to create a simple email address having your first and last name in it. Why would you want to tell the employer how cool, hot, sexy, kid, champ etc you are.

People are even moving away from using yahoo.com and hotmail.com for their professional email addresses. An email address like one of the following will do it

Consider First to be the first name and Last to be the last name in these examples :

  • first.last@…
  • last.first@..
  • first.last1@..
  • first.last{any_number}@…     // use this if above are not available
  • firstl@…    //using the initial of last name or first name with the other name
  • lfirst@…

These are just general examples to give you an idea of how simple it is to create an email address which won’t make the other person laugh. This seems very obvious, and yet I have seen resumes with inappropriate email addresses.

A friend of mine, Umair Ali Rashid, gave a very good suggestion that Universities should provide every student with an email address from the beginning of their Degree Programs, which can then be used on their resumes as well. This practice is being followed in many Universities outside Pakistan, however there is no Pakistani University doing this in my knowledge. At least not my University.

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