A PHPMyAdmin alternative with a user friendly interface

MyWebSQL is as robust as PHPMyAdmin with a user friendly interface and almost everything a Web 2.0 Application needs. Moreover its open source too, free to use with plenty of support for users from the development team. I will list down some of the prominent features of MyWebSQL which make it stand out, hoping that this review will help developers find a decent MySQL Web client easily.

1 mistake that 40% of Under Grad Students in Pakistan make

The most common mistake that I have noticed freshly graduated students do is using a improper + non-professional email address for job hunt and other activities. I personally know of many students who were not called for an interview just because of their email addresses. Come on guys, how much time does it take to create a simple email address having your first and last name in it. Why would you want to tell the employer how cool, hot, sexy, kid, champ etc you are.