A Post after many drafts

The title really looks weird to me right now, but that is the truth. I have started many posts since the last published post but I was not able to carry the same motivation with which I started them and that resulted into an increment to the number of drafts on my blog (I hope this one goes through).

Anyways, a lot has changed since my last post on March 7th. I am no more working with any company and I am not living with my family anymore. This doesn’t mean that I am jobless and homeless but I have moved to Germany and this is why I had to quit from my job in Karachi.

I have come to the beautiful and small city of Weimar for my Masters. After working as a Software Engineer for 3 years I have now started my M.Sc. in Computer Science and Media from Bauhaus Universität, Weimar. It has been more than 2 months now, and I have experienced many things that I shall write about (very soon). I think such experiences are worth sharing like my first international flight, the unexpected warm welcome by a bunch of great Pakistanis already in Weimar, my observations about Germany and comparisons of similar things in Pakistan, my trip to Hamburg and a few more. I am hoping to gather enough motivation next time to start writing all these.