I am World’s best Writer

Wow this is the confidence, this really is the confidence that I needed for years to write my first non technical (wanna be writer) post. The post that can help me get enrolled in the club of bloggers. What I have been doing on this site for around a year now, is not blogging. At least not according to my limited knowledge.

I have tried to help people with the issues that I encountered in my professional career, I have combined a few good solutions into one single post to save everyone’s time. And in return the awesome world of web has given me  6000+ monthly visitors on this site :D (thanks guys).

But I wanted to my ideas to flourish on this blog. I wanted to give my unwanted opinion on everything to a blog which will not ignore me, or at least it won’t let me know that I am being ignored. This was the major goal when I gave a try to blogging in 2009. That was first month of my professional life, and I was very much excited, I wanted to brag about things but I didn’t know where. I wanted to let people know how awesome I am (again the confidence). My friends were fed up of listening to all those tales revolving around me, but I wasn’t. And that was when I realized that WordPress and Blogspot were probably created for guys like me, guys full of themselves. My first post was also a result of all that excitement and lack of an audience.

But it was very soon that I realized how tough is it to write. And for a person who tends to criticize a lot, it was very difficult to write something that I would like. So I dropped the idea of writing and tried to post little solutions which helped me. Even with them I got lazy and haven’t written about many. It was good, the appreciative comments were motivating but all the uncommunicated thoughts and ideas inside my head were taking a lot of space and the process of getting new positive stuff was slowing down. I had to write, I had to brag, I had to criticize, I had to write about everything. But I lacked the proper motivation, that driving force which theoretically can persuade a person to go beyond his imaginations.

I have spent months looking for that motivation, and I think I have found it today. What can be a better motivation than telling myself that I am world’s best writer, even when the world will probably think the opposite but why should I care. This is my own blog, even the domain says my name ! (except the hosting which is provided by a very generous friend :D ).

If anyone anywhere in the world really spent their time reading this, hats off to you Sir/Madam ! And thanks for your time. I shall continue to write, and I shall start reading even more as it is suggested by James Altucher, who has been a real inspiration for me and the second most important reason behind my start to writing (the first obviously is the title of this post).

  • Peter Krohn

    Reminds me of the words “Is there anybody out there feeling something” from the song “Don’t Hold Back” by the Australian band The Potbelleez